Last sunday Jos and I planned to go to the beach for some surfing. Both of us didn´t follow the weatherconditions very well and it was a nice surprise to find a NW 4-5Bft-wind at sundaymorning. The tide was going down so rather steep waves were hitting the beach.

For me this was an experiment: having a headache frown, wich could turn into being ill, I just went paddling while hoping the salt water would wash it all away.
It didn´t turn out to bad, just feeling cold in the end.

I used one of the slalomkayaks which the club stored near the beach.
I found it quit an experiencesmile to paddle, after years, again in such an easy manoeuvrable kayak. Just making it easy to choose position before the wave hits you.

As the waves were rather steep and the kayak not having an ocean-cockpit, a special big wave hit me with force and imploded the sprayskirt.
This is something I do NOT like at all. I was not very near to the beach and I don´t like swimming, so I just tried to stay upright in the kayak. Having the kayak underwater this wasn´t very easy.

But after some time this became even worse as the nose appeared not to have any buoyancy cry: so the nose sank deeper and deeper, bringing me more or less in a standing position with the waterlevel near my armpits. This was a very strange experience: As I still tried to keep upright, this felt in the middle between "an artist balancing on a rope" and a woman performing "belly dancing" (Don´t know if this is the proper English word. In Dutch: buikdansen). BUT: I stayed upright.

Anyhow, I reached the beach slowly, very slowly. After having hit the seabottom with the bow a few times, I jumped out when it was possible to walk.

Having enjoyed ourselves we stopped around 13.00h as other duties called me.