Instead of picking up my improved AnasAcuta up on last friday at JG.Polyester, I toke off 2 free hours doing it around midday today.

John did a nice job with the lower- and longer skeg-housing: I guess the surface of the skeg must be enough to prevent the weathercocking.
Although I went over to JG last week, to establish the best place for the controlbutton of the skeg, there was a small surprise with my knee interfering with the tube, going from there to the front, behind the controlbutton. I will have to improve that with some foam John gave me with that purpose. 

 When I tried the skeg, the kayak laying on the bench, the skeg did not come back to its zero position afterwards. Suddenly John had sweating hands, like he said, how that was possible.
We found the explanation in that the skeg had hit the bench and because of this the hinge has moved a little bit. Now the skeg-blade hit the housing: So there we are. John adjusted it once more advising me to be carefull with the skeg while landing on the beach.

So: Now the AnasAcuta is back in its harbour and I will have the fun finishing the kayak with some foam and sanding the skeghousing in the compartment. To make the skeg less sensitive for sand in the skeghousing, disturbing its functioning, I think about shortening the blade with a few millimeters by sanding it.
What rests than is only: happy paddling!! smile