I just returned from a 4 day-mini-holiday at Texel; an island in the Netherlands.
The recipy was: camping, much fresh air, long walks through the dunes and on the beach, and a lot of reading.
Refreshing for body and soul!

One of the things I´ve read in the Seakayaker from oktober, I would like to share with you:

It´s about John Marton, a seakayak instructor in the US, who developed a new rescue-technique: the bow-roll-rescue.

He did so because he missed a reliable technique, executable by everybody, that fills the gap between the "hand-of-god"-method and the "sprayskirt"-release.
His concern was a situation where the person, to be rescued, is still in the cockpit and either panicking or unconsious. If the rescuer has short arms, the "hand-of-god"-method does not work well. And in case of a panicking paddler the known techniques will bring the rescuer close to the victim who might bring the rescuer in problems.

To solve these shortcomings the "Bow-roll-rescue" is executed by only handling the bow of the victim´s kayak.

To my opinion this is a very good technique which should be added to the list of rescue-techniques and it is advised to practise it in the swimmingpool and out at sea.

If you want to read the article in Seakayaker please click [HERE]

John Marton also started a website on this technique (click at:[www.bowrollrescue.info/]) where you can view 3 videos showing the rescue

Unfortunately both these links has become deadlinks in 2023. I searched internet and could only find a youtube-video at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fejjZ28_YA