Anoushka took the initiative organizing to go kayaking in surf this sunday: There were 3 of us.
As it was blowing quite a bit yesterday, there were enough waves. AND smilethe weather was just perfect : with sunshine such a winterly exercise is not so grim. Starting around 12.00h the low tide just past away leaving fairly steep waves at the sandridge along the coast. The waves, some of them being 1,5 meter, just dumped on top of you. But as the tide rose again the waves became longer allowing some exiting rides.

I was very happy today with my new and stronger neoprene sprayskirt that I bought a few weeks ago at "Felix Kanosport" (Oude Wetering). My old one surely would have given me problems: imploding in these dumpers. This time of the year I don't like swimming at all because of such an unnecessary reason.

As all three of us just forgot to take a camera along, I don´t have pictures to show. Maybe the passenger at the beach, having been photographing us for some time, is willing to share some pictures.